The journey towards Sweden’s most satisfied customers

SJ has always been the hub of Swedish traveling. But after 160 years of being the sole train operator in Sweden, new players have started to gain ground. Today, SJ has an ambitious goal: they want Sweden’s most satisfied customers. Quite the milestone. And in the end, a lot of this comes down to the digital experience. By always putting the customers first and taking responsibility for the entire journey, we’ve now come closer than ever.

An omni experience

Today, you can’t think about digital in silos. After all, over 50% of all bookings are done on mobile. You have to know that different customers behave differently, but that they still want the same great experience regardless if it’s desktop, mobile or in app. Well, we created that seamless experience for them. Responsive, reassuring, reactive. Like it should be.

Unexpectedly clever

When thinking about a digital customer journey today you can’t say you’re done when people have bought a ticket. No. That’s why we’ve included a number of smart solutions for travelers. For example, today you can see exactly where to stand at the platform when the train arrives. No running towards the right door at the last second. No stress.

The entire journey

Desktop web aside, people tend to lean over their smartphones or Apple watches a lot these days. Naturally, SJ is there too. They want to be your travel buddy during the entire journey, you can, for example, track your entire ongoing train ride on your phone or watch. And if something unexpected happens – we’ll let you know.

Your seat, your choice

When you book your journey, you naturally want to know where to sit. Well, we’ve created that as well. Just see which seats that are open and choose where you want to sit. Silent car? Restaurant car? Your choice, no extra fees.

Points are money

Your points can be used as money anywhere on the journey. Easy as that. Just use your device when buying a ticket or in the restaurant car. Pling pling, ca-ching.

Covering everything

The devil’s in the details. Especially when booking a journey. We’ve developed (and continue to do so) the flow to make everything as clear as possible. Get information on WIFI, status on the trains, see what’s included and what’s not. Symbols and texts. Expectation management at its core.

The numbers speak for themselves

We can go on an on about these changes. But the most important thing is the customers. Do they like the new digital experience? In short, yes. A lot.
Increase in net sales

During the last five years, net sales improved by 10% which equates to over €75m.

Increase in CSI score

After creating experiences focused on the customer, the Customer Satisfaction Index score improved by 17%.

Of all tickets are sold digitally

SJ's digital channels are fully focused on making it easy for customers to find and book tickets.